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Tuesday 25 th November 2014

They look strangely alien, with barely recognisable features and bizarre bumps and lumps. Yet this is the way Facebook - and other computer recognition systems - see humans.

Daily Mail - Sciencetech (UK)

Monday 24 th November 2014

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (CNN) -- My hand grips the airplane control stick as I brace myself in the cockpit. Spread out in front of me is a breathtaking landscape stretching hundreds of miles.

CNN Technology

Friday 21 st November 2014
Researchers have provided insight into human behavior for scientists, engineers who design and build social robots.

Friday 21 st November 2014
A new robot for inspecting ballast water tanks on board ships is being developed. The robot is able to move independently along rails built into the tanks. At the moment, people still carry out such inspections, with ships being brought into dry dock for the purpose.

Thursday 20 th November 2014

Cambrian Genomics CEO says his company just raised $10M to print more DNA Cambrian Genomics, which has created a promising DNA-printing technology,

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