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Thursday 27 th November 2014

Between bouts of eating this Thanksgiving weekend you might want to head outside and toss a football, shoot some hoops or kick a soccer ball around to get a little exercise. If the weather's nasty (or if you live in Buffalo) perhaps Ping Pong or a game of pool will do.

Scientific American: Technology

Wednesday 26 th November 2014
Scientists have developed and built a prototype for an eel-like robotic fish to be operable remotely, small, sophisticated and intelligent enough to operate autonomously underwater. A new form of central pattern generator model is presented, by which the swimming pattern of a real Anguilliform fish is successfully applied to the robotic prototype. Mathematical model, control law design, different locomotion patterns, and locomotion planning are presented for an Anguilliform robotic fish.

Wednesday 26 th November 2014

Atlas resembles humanoid robots we know from fiction, such as The Terminator. Valkyrie is one of only a handful of robots competing in the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Discovery - News

Wednesday 26 th November 2014

For the first time since accidents severed the neural connection between their brains and limbs, a small number of patients are reaching out and feeling the world with prosthetic devices wired directly to their brains. Earlier this month, scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena implanted a person's brain with electrode arrays that read neural activity to control a robotic arm and stimulate the brain to deliver a sensation of what the arm touched.


Tuesday 25 th November 2014

They look strangely alien, with barely recognisable features and bizarre bumps and lumps. Yet this is the way Facebook - and other computer recognition systems - see humans.

Daily Mail - Sciencetech (UK)

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