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Wednesday 16 th April 2014
Real-time engagement detection technology that processes facial expressions can perform with accuracy comparable to that of human observers, according to new research. The study used automatic expression recognition technology to analyze students' facial expressions on a frame-by-frame basis and estimate their engagement level. The study also revealed that engagement levels were a better predictor of students' post-test performance than the students' pre-test scores.

Tuesday 15 th April 2014
The robots move at walking speed along airplane components; in doing so, it applies a sealant against corrosion in equal measure. The mobile assistant is surrounded by technical workers who install, drill, and test. Admittedly this scenario is still a glimpse of the future – but in just a few years, it should be reality for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Monday 14 th April 2014
A fleet of telemedicine robots to improve efficiency and patient care is being deployed to physicians, who will use them to examine patients remotely. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, doctors are now able to interact and perform their jobs in ways not previously possible. They can see, hear, be heard and move around in any remote facility, including being able to visually examine patients without being physically present.

Monday 14 th April 2014
Scientists have demonstrated the usefulness of robots in studying evolution.  They successfully used a colony of rodent-like robots to watch different mating strategies evolve.  The work not only generated interesting and unexpected results, but it has also helped validate the use of robots in the study of evolution.

Saturday 12 th April 2014

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