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Thursday 28 th August 2014
IBM’s Watson keeps adding new features. But can it make money?

Thursday 28 th August 2014
It is challenging for deaf people to learn a sound-based language, since they are physically not able to hear those sounds. Hence, most of them struggle with written language as well as with text reading and comprehension. Therefore, most website content remains inaccessible for them. Computer scientists want to change the situation by means of a method they developed: animated online characters display content in sign language. In the long term, deaf people would be able to use the technique to communicate on online platforms via sign language.

Thursday 28 th August 2014

More than 1.24 million people die worldwide as a result of road traffic accidents each year, according to the World Health Organization. Would you buy a self-driving car that couldn't drive itself in 99 percent of the country?

MIT Technology Review

Thursday 28 th August 2014

IBM has upgraded its Watson Discovery Advisor data analysis service so it can answer your questions before you even ask. The updated Watson Discovery Advisor can examine a body of data and identify trends, correlations and other points of interest for researchers, IBM said.


Wednesday 27 th August 2014

As it turns out, good things. A new study simulating a production line staffed by humans and robots has found that not only are we comfortable taking orders from robots, but that we actively prefer it, believing that robotic guidance increases efficiency and removes the problem of ego from the command chain.

The Independent - Gadgets and Tech (UK)

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