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Thursday 18 th September 2014
Computer scientists have created a low-cost, autonomous micro-robot which in large numbers can replicate the behavior of swarming honeybees.

Thursday 18 th September 2014

When I arrived at a Stanford University auditorium Tuesday night for what I figured would be a pretty nerdy panel on deep learning, a fast-growing branch of artificial intelligence, I figured I must be in the wrong place-maybe a different event for all the new Stanford students and their parents visiting the campus. Nope.

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Wednesday 17 th September 2014

Panasonic Corp., the main supplier of lithium-ion battery cells to Tesla Motors Inc., has said that cooperation with the electric-car maker on the construction of a massive U.S. battery plant is likely to boost demand from European automakers. "The development with Tesla is catching a lot of attention in Europe," said Laurent Abadie, who heads European operations for the leading home electronics maker.

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Tuesday 16 th September 2014
Face recognition software measures various parameters in a mug shot, such as the distance between the person's eyes, the height from lip to top of their nose and various other metrics and then compares it with photos of people in the database that have been tagged with a given name. Now, new research looks to take that one step further in recognizing the emotion portrayed by a face.

Tuesday 16 th September 2014
IBM claims a breakthrough with a data tool for the mainstream corporate work force.

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