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Friday 18 th April 2014

The new Glock 42 is finally out but that doesn’t mean it’s “available”. In fact it’s very hard to get your hands on one right now. It will probably continue to be hard to get until next year. Not sure if Glock is intentionally chocking the supply or if they just can’t make enough to keep up….but either way it’s very frustrating as a customer to still not be able to purchase one because of the lack of availability.

They haven’t even release any extra Glock 42 magazines either…websites like this one are still waiting for Glock to release the magazines. At least 3rd party companies have started releasing  the Glock 42 sights like this and the big dot sights here.

glock 42 magazineglock-42-vs-glock-26

Friday 18 th April 2014

We know. We skipped Video Friday last week.

IEEE Spectrum

Thursday 17 th April 2014
A way of making hundreds -- or even thousands -- of tiny robots cluster to carry out tasks without using any memory or processing power has been developed. Engineers have programmed extremely simple robots that are able to form a dense cluster without the need for complex computation, in a similar way to how a swarm of bees or a flock of birds is able to carry out tasks collectively.

Thursday 17 th April 2014
Next time you play a computer at chess, think about the implications if you beat it. It could be a very sore loser! A new study reflects upon the growing need for autonomous technology, and suggests that humans should be very careful to prevent future systems from developing anti-social and potentially harmful behavior.

Wednesday 16 th April 2014
Real-time engagement detection technology that processes facial expressions can perform with accuracy comparable to that of human observers, according to new research. The study used automatic expression recognition technology to analyze students' facial expressions on a frame-by-frame basis and estimate their engagement level. The study also revealed that engagement levels were a better predictor of students' post-test performance than the students' pre-test scores.

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